Agriculture Products News is one of the India's Leading publication on Agriculture, Farm Machinery and Spares respectively.

We have two English Monthly Newspaper. These are Agriculture Products News and Auto Contact News. Agriculture Products News is an Agriculture, Farm Machinery and Spares, While Auto Contact News is on Autoparts, Motorparts, Tractor Parts and Fasteners. We are in the business from last Eight years years. We are Running our business under the name of "Industrial Age Publications (A group of Industrial Newspapers)". We have participated in several National and International exhibition. Agriculture Products News and AUTO Contact News have achieved tremendous success and have received a lot of respect in a very short period of time. We have a very well qualified team, with their support, help of our team, high profile circulation and dedication, we have grown very fast. Agriculture Products News and AUTO Contact News both are always ready to serve the clients in better possible way. " Agricuture Products News " and "Auto Contact News" has became a brand because of the satisfied clients and outstanding staff. Our existing clients from last several years, always prefer and refer us. We freely distribute our leading newspaper in Exhibitions, Dealers, Distributors and Entrepreneurs.